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Kinderhula is an instructional program of Polynesian dance and culture. Kinderhula is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.
Hula is a lifestyle. I am also director and instructor of 'Ohana Arts & Hula Studio  and Polynesian Dance Studio. Hula is my life.
We are based in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. Our studio offers demonstrations, performances, lessons, parties, and special events.
Ha'aha'a (humility) is an important Hawaiian value to me. However, I offer my bio as a means to educate others about my background. Aloha.
It gives me great honor to perpetuate my culture.
Hula Experience
I was born and raised in Hawaii. I am Chinese, Hawaiian, Caucasian, Morrocan, and Portuguese. I started dancing hula at age four.  I also danced traditional Portuguese dancing for 2 years as a child.  I also currently enjoy salsa dancing and belly dancing.
I have been teaching hula since 1991 which is when my oldest daughter was born. Initially, I started by passing on the hula tradition to my children and then now to my students. This is the Hawaiian way.
My roots are from Hawaii. I am a real island girl. I continue to visit my island home and keep in touch with my family and friends.
I was first taught hula by my mother who was a professional hula dancer from Hilo, Hawaii.  I spent my summers in Keaukaha which is Hawaiian homestead land in Hilo. I was immersed in authentic Hawaiian culture there. Hula is my life.
I also learned hula at the YMCA located in Waialae-Kahala with Lila Replinger. She was a professional hula dancer and musician. She chose me, my sister, and my cousin to become her students in the Hawaiian tradition and taught me  hula. Then I continued my hula and cultural training throughout high school at Kamehameha which is a school for the education of Hawaiian children and then into adulthood.
Aunty Lila was a member of the Waikiki Girls that sang with Al Kealoha Perry & his Singing Surfriders on the world famous "Hawaii Calls" radio show each Saturday. The Waikiki Girls included sisters Marion Kanekapolei Guerrero Diamond, Lila Kaualoku Guerrero Replinger, and their cousin, Eloise Gasper Holt. She was also one of the original hula dancers of the now defunct Kodak Hula Show of Waikiki. Lila's son is Rap Replinger who eventually became one of Hawaii's leading comedians.
The legacy lives on
My 'Ohana
 We are an 'ohana (family) based studio. All 5 of my children play ukulele and dance. I have taught all of my children how to Polynesian dance since they were 2 years old. Makanamaikalanimai ("my gift from the heavens" or "my gift from God") is 17, Mahinaokalani ("heavenly moon") is 14, Kamehanaokala ("warmth of the sun") is 10, Kekaimalu ("peaceful ocean") is 5, and Kealani ("heavenly white") is almost 4. My oldest 3 daughters are student teachers and performers. Hula is our legacy and we operate our studio family-style which is the Hawaiian way.
My great-great-great grandfather is Augusto Dias.  He is one of the three men who are credited for what is now known as the 'ukulele in the islands.  He was inducted into the Ukulele Hall of Fame in 2003 by the Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum. He was  "among those who entertained King David Kalakaua in the royal bungalow on the grounds of Iolani Palace."
My grandmother, Rose Lokelani Tam-Hoy, is  known for her work in Hawaiian quilting. She is a member of Hale O Na Ali'i, the Daughters of Hawaii, the Ka'ahumanu Society, and the Chinese Women's Club. I assisted her with classes she offered at the Mission Houses Museum and at the Lanakila Senior Center.
After graduating from Kamehameha in 1985, I attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa and then I  moved to Seattle, Washington in 1986 to attend college. In 1997 I moved to Oklahoma due to my husband's career.  From there we moved to Hampton, Virginia in 1998. I now make my home in Newport News, Virginia and travel to the Baltimore/DC area regularly.
 Dance and Related Experience
- 2 years Portuguese dancing as a child
- 30+ years of authentic Polynesian dance experience
- 2 years modern dance and choreography coursework in college
- Knowledge of dances from a variety of islands
- I worked in the tourist and airline industries in Hawaii. I was employed at Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays (now Pleasant Holidays) as a sales representative, stores in Waikiki, as a lei maker,  a service representative for American Airlines, and then as a reservation and sales agent for Hawaiian Airlines. 
- I get re-certified in American Red Cross and First Aid each year and have done so since 1993.

 Teaching Experience
- Taught Hawaiian quilting alongside my kupuna, Rose Lokelani (Kahoe/Lum) Tam-Hoy
- Taught Polynesian dancing since 1991 starting with my daughter
- Girl Scout leader, volunteer, and recruiter/organizer for the past 14 years - instruct and supervise girls aged 5 to 17
- Enrolled in education courses while in college and also attended professional staff development courses for my position as Girl Scout leader and recruiter
- School volunteer
- Instructor, presenter, and supervisor for various events involving children
- Instructor via the Yorktown Parks and Recreation Department, Newport News Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, and private classes
- Performer - reliable and professional
Learn hula from a real island girl!
A hui hou (Until we meet again),
Lisa Noelani Robbins


He makana no na mamo
(A gift for the descendants)

Na mo`olelo o na pua o nehinei
(Let's always hold close)

E pili mau I na kupuna
(Our ancestors, who are)

Na lei `a`ala
(A sweet smelling lei for us)

I ohu mau I ku`u lei
(Like a misty cloud around the mountain)

I ke aloha pili mau
(their love surrounds us forever)

~ lyrics from Love and Honesty

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